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Dynopool is a small, independent single stake pool operating on the Cardano network.

Thank you for considering staking with DYNO and supporting other small stake pool operators. Together, we strive to offer a decentralized alternative, contributing to a more distributed and resilient Cardano network.

Dynopool (ticker DYNO) was created from a desire to support and promote decentralization of the Cardano network and to positively contribute to the Cardano Ecosystem. The stake pool was registered on the blockchain and has been online since December 2021.

There is power and potential in Cardano and the Cardano Community. The inspiration for the name Dynopool and ticker DYNO is rooted in the ancient Greek word Dunamis, which is said to mean "power," "potential," or "ability," and from which is derived the words dynamite and dynamo.

DYNO consists of four dedicated, bare metal servers. Two servers are configured as Cardano relay nodes, and one as a Cardano block-producing node. The fourth is a dedicated web-server hosting this webpage. The system is maintained in a secure location near St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and is fed by a reliable, high-speed (200Mb+), fiber connection. Power is supplied to the system through uninterruptible power supplies.

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If you are looking for a small stake pool to delegate your stake to, consider DYNO. If not DYNO, then consider pools in the xSPO Alliance, Single Pool Alliance (SPA), or the Bare Metal Alliance.

Be sure to do your own research or DYOR. The sites PoolTool.io and Cardanoscan.io offer great tools that provide useful information about stake pools. Pool.pm is also a great resource to visualize your wallet and your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as well as staking pools you may be interested in.

The Visual Blockchain Explorer over at eUTXO.org is an awesome tool to not only get information about blocks, research past blocks, but it provides a visual representation and information about what each block contains. Bottom line, there are many outstanding tools that have been developed by the Cardano Community for the Cardano Community, and no doubt many more to come.

A General Disclaimer: DYNO is a small, independent operation. As such, there are no guarantees of routine staking rewards. The Cardano Ouroboros protocol picks slot leaders to produce blocks, thereby generating pool rewards based on parameters set by IOG with input from the Cardano community. The stake pool has no control over this. It is all determined by the protocol. Any SPO with less than 1.5 million ADA is not likely to regularly produce blocks, and therefore, those who delegate to small pools may not regularly receive rewards.

You can support decentralization by supporting small stake pools. Without small independent pools producing blocks, the network will centralize. The centralization of resources introduces weakness and vulnerability into the network.

To learn more about Cardano stake pools, visit Cardano Docs.

Cardano Docs

Learn about Cardano at Cardano.org.


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